Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Typical location of the Pilgrimage Pamijahan Tour Pamijahan was the Khas Location of the Ziarah Tour that was located in the Pamijahan, Bantarkalong Village or + 65 km from the Tasikmalaya City to the south, widely the area + 25 Ha. In the Location of this Ziarah Tour was very thick with the Religius agendas and various Ritual Islamic Religion. In Islam public holidays this pilgrimage location busy was visited by the visitor that berziarah. As in the case of the other tourist attraction the bustle of the visitor in obeyek the Pamijahan tour also fluctuating. The noisiness of the visitor to Pamijahan coincided with the Islam public holiday, in this case the Maulid month was the peak of the noisiness of the pilgrimage visitor to this place.

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