Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cipatujah coast of one of the Tasikmalaya nature tourist attractions

The coast of south Tasikmalaya, or famous with the Cipatujah coast was one of the nature tourist attractions, with the main attraction took the form of the maritime tour. This South management of the coastal tourist attraction was supervised by the control of the Tourist Bureau of Kabupaten Tasikmalaya. The South Cipatujah coastal tourist attraction covered the area approximately 115 hectare, was located approximately 91 km from the centre of the Tasikmalaya city.
The coast Tasikmalaya South had the potential for the tour that was spread all along the Cipatujah coast until Cikalong. The object and the attraction of the tour that has begun to be cleared in part: the Sindangkerta Coast, Pamayangsari, Karangtawulan, all of them including the Cipatujah Subdistrict territory. Now coastal tourist attractions that including the Cikalong Subdistrict in part: the Mandalajaya Coast and Sindangjaya. By these tourist attractions still was gotten the object and the other attraction. To the area of the South Tasikmalaya coast flowed quite big rivers made the panorama natural was around it beautiful and very potential to be packed to the tourist attraction.
The development or the development of the Cipatujah coastal tourist attraction now is not yet carried out maximally. Nevertheless was based on the Tasikmalaya Tourist Bureau data, in the period in 1997 – 2000 was recorded by tourists who visited to the Cipatujah Coast numbering 252,774 people or in general 84,258 people per the year, whereas tourists of amount foreign countries were very small, that is only 502 people, that too was only recorded during 1997 after that was not again tourists's foreign.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The village was left Cicomre

The steep road

The hut cave

The bar motor

The paddy-field land

The inhabitants's road

Cicomre my village, there I began to know the world, I was proud of my village was beloved his nature was cool far from noise, was seen from the atmosphere of the village with beauty natural.
To pass the area Cicomre must was full physical, because of the broken road the steep stone and the road were full the muddy road water moreover in the rain season. Until when the development of the area.
I Was waiting to the government Tasikmalaya paid attention to the area Cicomre, the development really not all that and far from adequate, my hope it is hoped the Regent could pay attention to the area cicomre that was left that.
Seen from the aspect of his economics and nature resources, Cicomre was the contributor's village produced by agriculture, like rice, sugar, wood, the coconut, the clove, and other agricultural produce. I was proud of my village but whatever Pay attention to from the government to build my village.

The child's scream The village.

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