Friday, September 19, 2008

30 tips lived happy

  1. Thought and was grateful
  2. That was Previous Although passed by
  3. Your day... Today
  4. Let the Future as far as him come
  5. Let and heeded Kritik was directed to you
  6. Don't be waiting for thank from Someone
  7. Did a favour to the Lain Person
  8. Passed the time Senggang with the Work
  9. Don't be the Chameleon
  10. Invest to Qadha and Qadar
  11. Be, Together sure the Difficulty had the Ease
  12. For the Sweet Drink from lemons
  13. Prayed
  14. Although your residence to take shelter
  15. Look for from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala
  16. Filled up Kehidupan with Faith
  17. Take Madu, should not...
  18. Considering Allah
  19. Avoided Envy
  20. Accepted the Life As the Existence
  21. Entertained the Person who was stricken by the Disaster
  22. Pray... prayed
  23. Made Allah the Helper and the fine Patron
  24. Roamed in front of Earth
  25. Was patient Well
  26. Don't bring...
  27. Did don't be sad because of the Case
  28. Received A Part Of
  29. To Just Humankind
  30. Reminded you would Heaven that Width and Earth

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The earthquake 5 SR, (Tasikmalaya and Ciamis)

TASIK, Priol - the Earthquake with the strength 5.0 Richter scales (SR) shook the Tasikmalaya territory and Ciamis, made several residents around the south coast panic and jump outside the house on Wednesday (10/9) around struck 12,13 yesterday. The centre of the earthquake that was to 8,1 Lintang South – 107.96 Lie Alongside East, or around 90 km west the Tasikmalaya power with the depth 15 km, according to the Head of BMG Cilacap Mochtar, did not show the tsunami. “Memang his vibration was enough to be felt. However not have the potential the tsunami. Apart from Ciamis and surrounding area, some Cilacap territories, Central Java also felt the existence of the vibration tersebut,” he said This earthquake then did not make damage good the building and facilities lai him. Only, several residents that was greating playing around the jumping coast ran towards the plateau. They the fear of this earthquake changed to the tsunami.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tips fasted Healthy

THAT the mother is pregnant could strong fasted, Muharam gave several tips along with:

  1. Could ate and drank in accordance with the requirement for the mother's nutrient was pregnant. For example with increased asupan protein of 1g/kg BB was increased 20 g per the day (approximately 80g per the day); calcium 1g/hari (could be received from milk, the fish, soybean peanuts and sereal); iron (could be obtained to meat, the heart, and coloured vegetables green). The supplement to iron was recommended 30-60mg/hari for the woman was pregnant and suckled; vitamins and the mineral were recommended with giving of acid folat 0,4mg/hari that often was met to green vegetables, the heart, and the egg (selengkap him saw the table 1).
  2. Reduced food that often contained fat because of could cause the nausea complaint.
  3. Could rested. When enabled provided more than the portion of the rest beforehand.
  4. Reducedthe portion of the activity that needed energy extra, for example the activity in the field or oikiran that was very heavy. As well as possible avoided stress and discarded far the habit/urging to very angry.
  5. That was important definitely, underwent religious duties

Saturday, September 6, 2008

12 reasons with the Condom

Because, along with this had 12 reasons that strengthened us why must use the condom: 1. The protection himself. When being used correctly and consistent protected himself from sexually transmitted diseases and the HIV 2. Family planning. One of the safe choices was believed to prevent pregnancy moreover modern Indonesia was experiencing baby booming. Family planning planning must be stimulated again. 3. Really paktis. Was easy to be brought. 4. Everyone could with and did not have the side-effect. 5. Was easy to be used. In each package had the guidance of his use. 6. Pleasant. The use of the condom could be a part of foreplay. 7. Could be relied on. Each piece of the condom must pass the electronics test and filled the Standard of the Internasional Quality, the ISO 4074. 8. Safe. The latex condom not bepori as being proven in the research in the laboratory. Could prevent the exchange of body fluids. You need not worry will leak. 9. The section. Could keep old, so as to be able to increase satisfaction in being in love 10. Covered because his price was cheap. 11. Berpelicin. 12. Many

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