Friday, April 17, 2009

Tips On Choosing A Good Dessert Wine

For people who love sweets, a meal is not completely satisfying unless it finishes off with a sumptuous dessert. Some of the most popularly sought after desserts include cakes, pastries, fruits, pies, nuts, sorbet, breads, pudding and chocolates. While they are great on their own, their flavours can be enhanced and complemented by the perfect wine. But how does one know what wine to match which dessert?

A good dessert wine serves to bring about the best in every dessert. The popular notion of wine is different when it comes to dessert wines though; this is because dessert wines are especially sweet. As such, a dessert that doesn't compete with the sugariness of the wine is a good option. For instance, dark chocolates that contain more than half of cocoa ingredients in it go well with a dessert wine. The basic guide then in choosing matching desserts and wines is to get to know how different dessert wine selections taste like.

Sauternes wines from France are made from Sémillon grape, Sauvignon Blanc, or Muscadelle grapes. These wines almost have a yellowish or golden colour and they have a citrus taste. The Gewürztraminer and Tokay Pinot Gris wines in particular are great with chocolates and other intensely flavourful afters.

Meanwhile, in Portugal, the port red wines are known for their enticing flavours and alcohol content. They come in tawny, ruby, and vintage varieties. Tawny ports have a suave nut-like tang to it that go well with toffee and milk chocolates. In the meantime, vintage ports are so zesty that they are best with banana cream pies, dark chocolates, and walnuts. All the port varieties are generally enhanced with pumpkin pies, cheesecakes, chocolate mousse and cobblers. Similarly, Vin Santo from Italy has a nutty essence that is likened to a hazelnut. The sweetness is not that much that it can be taken with almond cakes, almond shortbreads, and biscotti.

Interestingly, there are wines that are manufactured from grapes that are covered with ice on the vine. In Germany, they are appropriately called ice wines and they have a balanced, sugar-enriched and invigorating acid flavour. Consequently, ice wines can be paired off with desserts like apples, peaches, pears and hazelnuts. Thinking about ice wines might make you imagine ice cream with dessert wine together, but unfortunately, the cold can mute the taste buds that sorbets are not to be served with sweet wines.

Muscat wines are for individuals who enjoy munching on raisins as they are crushed from grapes that are typically made into raisins. It likewise has this rich aroma and a taste that is very similar with mild fruits such as peaches and apricots. To achieve the palatable temptation of Muscat wines, the dessert should be composed of smooth Tiramisu, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

All these wines are highly recommended, however, tasting them on your own can prove to be delightful for you and your guests. This experience then can be used until wine and dessert matching becomes an addition to your expertise.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Save Time During Holidays By Using A Chicago Flower Delivery Service

Holiday enjoyment can sometimes be marred by the fact that we tend to exhaust ourselves trying to get into the spirit of the season. With such repeated exposure to this kind of "fun" then getting 'funned out' in the process, soon we learn to dread the coming holidays instead of actually looking forward to them. Thanksgiving is particularly becoming stressful to a lot of homemakers because this is one visible sign for the coming of one holiday right after the other and yes, these holidays extend all the way to the celebrations for next year. To others, the mere thought of buying gifts to the people around them during the Christmas season is taxing enough; and that still does not include actually trying to buy the said gifts, having them wrapped and eventually distributing them.

It would be fair to say that most of us find ourselves pressed for time during the holidays. This one reason alone already creates a somewhat toxic environment for us. This stops us from actually enjoying the season and ultimately enjoying the company of the people we treasure. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent this problem. We can actually save time during holidays by using a Chicago flower delivery service to our advantage. After all, flower giving isnt totally exclusive to the season of hearts. Here are some tips on how you could do so, especially if you (and your intended gift receivers) live in the city:

1. Indeed, we should be thankful for a lot of things during Thanksgiving especially if we get invited to dinner in someone elses home. That means we dont have to slave away in the kitchen the whole day preparing food for 6 (translation: 12 to 18 stomachs since this is the time people really indulge.) Unless the person inviting you over specifically says that its a potluck affair, bringing in an extra basket of food may not be appreciated (especially if they went through all that trouble for you.) So instead of stressing yourself over what dessert or wine you should get at the store, have a Chicago flower delivery service come to your aid by bringing in flowers as your token of appreciation. Of course, it would be considerate indeed if you asked the homemaker what kind of flowers (or even décor) she would prefer. You could even mention beforehand that you want to donate the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Now, if you are the homemaker, and you do have these people coming over, you could save time on decorating by having flowers delivered to your home. You could even ask your invitees to bring in flowers instead of wine or other food treats because you already have the menu pat down.

2. Ah, Christmas. This is the time of the year that you literally spend every waking hour trying to put together gifts for loved ones and other people who you would want to share a little something with. But the question remains: what do you get them? The answer: send them flowers. You could literally save time during holidays by using a Chicago flower delivery service. Send your parents flowers with a special food gift basket through your favorite florist. You could donate flowers with cake and wine to your office Christmas party. The real beauty of this all is that you could literally just choose from a range of products, give the florist the names, addresses and dates you want the package delivered and its there. No more worrying about gift wrapping, or having a separate courier deliver the goods.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Showing Your Spouse How Much You Care With The Help Of A Floral Boutique

Jewelry, clothes, shoes-all the money can buy. You would always want the best for your spouse. Knowing how much you mean to someone, and vice versa, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. They say that marrying someone is easy, its how you keep the relationship alive and working it out is the hard part. Being average and ordinary in a relationship is unnecessary; you always have to be spontaneous to make room for growth and excitement. Why not express yourself with flowers?

Flowers, most especially roses, are equated with love and passion. The foundations of a great relationship are also love, understanding, and enthusiasm. The couples who have grown together almost have one secret: staying attracted to each other, even after years of being together. Flowers shouldnt just be given during special occasions like celebrating birthdays, promotions, and the like. They should also be sent as surprises for the one we love. Imagine waking up to breakfast in bed with matching flowers to start your day, or getting to work and finding a bouquet of pink roses at your table waiting. Flowers represent strong feelings for someone, and are always reliable gifts. Women adore flowers because they make them feel more special, loved, and appreciated.

For more special celebrations, like the more romantic Valentines Day, and the more intimate wedding anniversary, why not opt for flowers paired with a carefully planned out dinner by the candlelight? Or if youre too busy, just write her a greeting card, include her favorite chocolates, and send her the perfect flowers just to show and make her feel how lovely she is and how much you treasure your relationship.

Flowers are not just for saying how appreciative you are of your partner. Sometimes, saying sorry can also be expressed with flowers. If ones not sure how to explain yourself and just want to convey how sorry you truly are, flowers is the way to go. No matter how heated the argument is, flowers say that you are willing to work things out and would want to stop having arguments with your spouse.

Flowers can now be sent anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the flower boutiques blossoming everywhere, one can now order fresh flowers and have them delivered the same day. Believe it or not, these simple moves can strengthen a relationship. Giving flowers to the one you love will never go out of style, because of the various kinds available in flower shops. Flowers of exquisite kind can also prove how close someone is to your heart. Scouting the flower boutiques for the most hard-to-find types of flowers require more effort and are naturally more expensive, than the regular roses, tulips and daisies.

Lastly, flowers not only express gratitude, regret, love, and passion. They also show how you truly care for your spouse. Flowers can say I miss you or I care besides the usual I love you. And sometimes, the feeling of being missed is so powerful to every relationship.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tourism Bali


Welcome to Indonesia's Marine Conservation Programs...Bali Indonesia considers wise use and conservation of its rich marine resources essential to the nation's future. Marine conservation programs in Indonesia vary reflecting the diversity of marine habitants and resources of the nation.

The Government of Indonesia has declared 24 marine protected areas throughout the country. There are plans to expand this to 85 reserves covering 30 million hectares.

Recent initiatives include plans for the management of important marine habitants such as coral reefs and mangroves for sustainable use and conservation. Marine animals are also benefiting from marine conservation efforts. Recent laws have banned the hunting of most turtles throughout the country.


Not only will you enjoy your day trip to Lembongan Island with Bali Hai Cruises, but you also have the opportunity to become involved in our reef watch program at the Reef Appreciation Area. Bali Hai Cruises has recognized the importance and uniqueness of the Lembongan Island Reef and are supporting the Indonesian Government in protecting and managing the reef. To firm our commitment to conservation, Bali Hai Cruises employs a marine biologist to monitor the reef, suggest new ways it can be managed and develop ways that you can learn more about the marine life and fish. The cruises and activities at the Island are designed to create as little disturbance as possible to marine life. Bali Hai Cruises is a member of and supports the Marine Education Society of Australia.


Don't leave Bali without visiting these truly unique and spectacular Indonesian Elephants. Located in the cool jungle forest of Desa Taro, (20 mins north of Ubud Bali), the Elephant Safari Park offers you the chance to feed and interact with these wonderful creatures in a natural setting. A 30 minute Elephant Safari ride is available to those who wish to do more than just look. Then watch the Elephants as they take a bath, immersing themselves in the cool waters of the lake. Bali Elephant Safaris are suitable for all ages.


Taman Burung Bali Bird Park, Singapadu, near Batubulan. Taman Burung houses over 1000 birds, including varieties from all over Indonesia. One of the aims of the park is to breed endangered species in captivity, including the indigenous Bali Mynah. Those of you who are not necesarily interested in ornithology will be impressed by the two hectares of Bali tropical gardens.


Almost the whole of the western tip of Bali, covering an area of over 750 square km, has been set aside as a conservation area. Included within the park's boundaries are open savanahs, rainforests, mangrove swamps, coral reefs and Pulau Menjangan (Deer Island), a small island off the north coast of Bali. The park is a haven for a wide range of animals and birds, especially the endangered Bali Starling. Pulau Menjangan, home to the rare Java Deer, can also be visited and has very good diving and snorkeling. To enter the park you must be accompanied by an official guide and in possession of a park permit.


Taman Kupu Kupu, Jl. Batukaru, Sandan Wanasari, Tabanan Regency. Recently opened, Indonesia's only butterfly park is helping to study, breed and preserve many kinds of butterflies from Bali and all over Indonesia.


Kebun Raya Eka Karya, Bedugul Bali. Established in 1959 these gardens cover over 120 hectares on the slopes of Gunung Pohon (Tree Mountain). The gardens contain a huge collection of trees, nearly 500 varieties of orchid and are rich in birdlife. As a centre for the study of local plants, the gardens also boast a herbarium and library.


Step out of time into the fantastic world that awaits you at the Bali Reptile Park. Enter the dawn of time when Dinosaurs ruled the earth, Komodo Dragons stalked their prey and Crocodiles emerged from the swamps. The Bali Reptile Park can't give you Dinosaurs, but we still have the Komodo Dragons and Crocodiles, all part of Asia's most comprehensive collection of reptiles.


Near the village of Sangeh Bali. This forest, of approximately 6 hectares, is filled with giant nutmeg trees that can grow up to 40m high. The main attractions here are the hordes of Balinese monkeys that inhabit both the trees and the temple, Pura Bukit Sari, located in the heart of the forest. Visitors should be aware that these monkeys are attracted to shiny objects, so cameras and jewellery should be left behind or well hidden under clothes or in a bag before setting off to explore Sangeh Bali.


Ubud Bali. This forest is smaller than the one at Sangeh but the monkeys are just as wild.


Near Pupuan, west Bali. Dropping over 100m, this waterfall is spectacular, especially during the rainy season. Be prepared for a bit of a trek up a steep, and at times rough, track to get there.


10km south of Singaraja Bali. Not far from the main road, Gitgit is an impressive 40m waterfall that gushes into a deep pool. A swim here can be very refreshing, although local legend has it that couples bathing here together will eventually separate.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

life is truggle from Cicomre

Is one of the private documents and photos of families in the village blown ci comre RT02/RW02, bojongkapol village, district bojonggambir, district tasikmalaya ...
we feel proud of the remote villages of the district and marginalized tasikmalaya, even though the local government does not consider the situation of marginalized villages,
if the views of potential and natural resources are high, because the village is a village cicomre traditional agricultural area ... try habituate village cicomre
I was born in cicomre, from family to family education of farmers is low, so even though I do not feel although I come from a family that is very simple and modest economic ... I intend fervent wish to continue to provide the best for the family, religion, homeland and nation. my children to 4 of 4 brothers, even if all the small family I not only higher education to primary school .dari to my brothers 4 the most fortunate, because only I can until the master of education. I give thanks and praise to God I say thanks to God and to my parents who have a lot of sacrifice for their children the best ... I'm not the parents did not want to send my sister, but the environment is not to establish a school ....
I wanted to build my beloved village tidk but I can live there because there are more important affairs of the family, and if I lived there I got a knowledge of higher education in the less developed ... because the facilities and infrastructure that does not support for economic development.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Tasikmalaya history

Before the capital of the Sukapura Regency was located in Tasikmalaya, this city was one afdeeling that diperintah by a person of Patih Lurah (Zelfstandige Patih). At that time his name of Tawang or Galunggung. Often also his mentioning was united to Tawang-Galunggung. Tawang was the same as the "paddy-field" meaning that the wide place was open, in the Sundanese Language significant "palalangon". There was the other opinion that explained the Tasikmalaya meaning, that is coming word "tasik" and "laya", meaning that "keusik ngalayah", his intention to much sand everywhere, reminded the outbreak incident of the Galunggung Mountain in October 1822, that sprayed out hot sand to the side of the Tasikmalaya City. Second information mentioned that Tasikmalaya came from "Tasik" words and "Malaya". Tasik in the Sundanese language meant the lake, sea and Malaya meaning that the name of the row of mountains in the Coast of Malabar India.
According to the Book of Pangeling-ngeling 300 Ngadegna Kabupaten Sukapura years and information R.Yudawikarta, that Sareupeun Cibuniagung was father to Entol Wiraha that married Nyai Punyai Agung, a heir from the Sukakerta Country, and Entol Wiraha was appointed to Umbul in Sukakerta. Wirawangsa time, Putra Entol Wiraha to umbul Sukakerta, Regent Wedana was in Priangan held by Dipati Ukur Wangsanata.
On his services, the three of them were appointed to the great official in his place was their respective. Ki Wirawangsa was appointed to the Agung Sukapura Official with the Tumenggung Wiradadaha degree during 1674. R.Tg. Wiradadaha I that performed a service in establishing the Sukapura Regency died and was buried in Baganjing Sand. R.Tg. Wiradadaha I was father to 28 people and was replaced by Putra him that was third, R. Djajamanggala with the degree of Tumenggung Wiradadaha Ii, as well as was known also as Dalem Tambela that died during 1674. As his replacement to become the regent was his brother, R. Anggadipa, Putra the four R.Tg. Wiradadaha I, because Putra Dalem Tambela that was numbering 8 people were not yet enough the age to change him.
The R. Anggadipa I name after becoming the regent was replaced to R.Tg. Wiradadaha III that governed from 1674 to 1723. In the period the progress of the religion was emphasised very much, because of the existence of the suggestion from Sjeh Abdul Muhyi in Pamijahan that became the pioneer of the Islam Religion in the Sukapura Regency. In holding the government, R.Tg. Wiradadaha III was helped by his four sons who were their respective to have the distribution of the work. The existence of the distribution of this work made R.Tg. Wiradadaha III was known as Regent Sukapura richest. Moreover had most 62 people, so as more was known by the name of Dalem Sawidak.
During 1900 Regent Sukapura XII, R.T. Wirahadiningrat that governed from 1875 until 1901 got the Oranye Nasau Star, from the Dutch East Indies government that made his name be known as Dalem Bintang. In the year also the Sukapura capital was moved from Manonjaya to Tasikmalaya. As for that carried out the move of the capital was his replacement, that is R.Tg. Wiriaadiningrat, Regent Sukapura Xiii. Ada several transfer reasons of the capital of the Sukapura Regency to Tasikmalaya, among them because of the Tasikmalaya area that was closer to Galunggung including the fertile area so as was good for planting of indigo, nearby that the area of the Tasikmalaya city was more wide, flat and beautiful compared with Manonjaya.
During 1942, the Dutch colonisation ended was replaced with the government of the Japanese military. Because the existence of the regulation of the rice collection from the Japanese government, had emerged the revolt of the students in pasantren Sukamanah that was led by a big Muslim scholar, K.H.Z. Mustofa that was defended by Regent R.T. Wiradiputra.
This small from the note concerning the Sukapura History or that currently more is known by the name of Tasikmalaya.
The source: the History of Long cities in West Java, the Year 2000

Friday, September 19, 2008

30 tips lived happy

  1. Thought and was grateful
  2. That was Previous Although passed by
  3. Your day... Today
  4. Let the Future as far as him come
  5. Let and heeded Kritik was directed to you
  6. Don't be waiting for thank from Someone
  7. Did a favour to the Lain Person
  8. Passed the time Senggang with the Work
  9. Don't be the Chameleon
  10. Invest to Qadha and Qadar
  11. Be, Together sure the Difficulty had the Ease
  12. For the Sweet Drink from lemons
  13. Prayed
  14. Although your residence to take shelter
  15. Look for from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala
  16. Filled up Kehidupan with Faith
  17. Take Madu, should not...
  18. Considering Allah
  19. Avoided Envy
  20. Accepted the Life As the Existence
  21. Entertained the Person who was stricken by the Disaster
  22. Pray... prayed
  23. Made Allah the Helper and the fine Patron
  24. Roamed in front of Earth
  25. Was patient Well
  26. Don't bring...
  27. Did don't be sad because of the Case
  28. Received A Part Of
  29. To Just Humankind
  30. Reminded you would Heaven that Width and Earth

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