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The Tasikmalaya history

Before the capital of the Sukapura Regency was located in Tasikmalaya, this city was one afdeeling that diperintah by a person of Patih Lurah (Zelfstandige Patih). At that time his name of Tawang or Galunggung. Often also his mentioning was united to Tawang-Galunggung. Tawang was the same as the "paddy-field" meaning that the wide place was open, in the Sundanese Language significant "palalangon". There was the other opinion that explained the Tasikmalaya meaning, that is coming word "tasik" and "laya", meaning that "keusik ngalayah", his intention to much sand everywhere, reminded the outbreak incident of the Galunggung Mountain in October 1822, that sprayed out hot sand to the side of the Tasikmalaya City. Second information mentioned that Tasikmalaya came from "Tasik" words and "Malaya". Tasik in the Sundanese language meant the lake, sea and Malaya meaning that the name of the row of mountains in the Coast of Malabar India.
According to the Book of Pangeling-ngeling 300 Ngadegna Kabupaten Sukapura years and information R.Yudawikarta, that Sareupeun Cibuniagung was father to Entol Wiraha that married Nyai Punyai Agung, a heir from the Sukakerta Country, and Entol Wiraha was appointed to Umbul in Sukakerta. Wirawangsa time, Putra Entol Wiraha to umbul Sukakerta, Regent Wedana was in Priangan held by Dipati Ukur Wangsanata.
On his services, the three of them were appointed to the great official in his place was their respective. Ki Wirawangsa was appointed to the Agung Sukapura Official with the Tumenggung Wiradadaha degree during 1674. R.Tg. Wiradadaha I that performed a service in establishing the Sukapura Regency died and was buried in Baganjing Sand. R.Tg. Wiradadaha I was father to 28 people and was replaced by Putra him that was third, R. Djajamanggala with the degree of Tumenggung Wiradadaha Ii, as well as was known also as Dalem Tambela that died during 1674. As his replacement to become the regent was his brother, R. Anggadipa, Putra the four R.Tg. Wiradadaha I, because Putra Dalem Tambela that was numbering 8 people were not yet enough the age to change him.
The R. Anggadipa I name after becoming the regent was replaced to R.Tg. Wiradadaha III that governed from 1674 to 1723. In the period the progress of the religion was emphasised very much, because of the existence of the suggestion from Sjeh Abdul Muhyi in Pamijahan that became the pioneer of the Islam Religion in the Sukapura Regency. In holding the government, R.Tg. Wiradadaha III was helped by his four sons who were their respective to have the distribution of the work. The existence of the distribution of this work made R.Tg. Wiradadaha III was known as Regent Sukapura richest. Moreover had most 62 people, so as more was known by the name of Dalem Sawidak.
During 1900 Regent Sukapura XII, R.T. Wirahadiningrat that governed from 1875 until 1901 got the Oranye Nasau Star, from the Dutch East Indies government that made his name be known as Dalem Bintang. In the year also the Sukapura capital was moved from Manonjaya to Tasikmalaya. As for that carried out the move of the capital was his replacement, that is R.Tg. Wiriaadiningrat, Regent Sukapura Xiii. Ada several transfer reasons of the capital of the Sukapura Regency to Tasikmalaya, among them because of the Tasikmalaya area that was closer to Galunggung including the fertile area so as was good for planting of indigo, nearby that the area of the Tasikmalaya city was more wide, flat and beautiful compared with Manonjaya.
During 1942, the Dutch colonisation ended was replaced with the government of the Japanese military. Because the existence of the regulation of the rice collection from the Japanese government, had emerged the revolt of the students in pasantren Sukamanah that was led by a big Muslim scholar, K.H.Z. Mustofa that was defended by Regent R.T. Wiradiputra.
This small from the note concerning the Sukapura History or that currently more is known by the name of Tasikmalaya.
The source: the History of Long cities in West Java, the Year 2000


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