Saturday, January 10, 2009

life is truggle from Cicomre

Is one of the private documents and photos of families in the village blown ci comre RT02/RW02, bojongkapol village, district bojonggambir, district tasikmalaya ...
we feel proud of the remote villages of the district and marginalized tasikmalaya, even though the local government does not consider the situation of marginalized villages,
if the views of potential and natural resources are high, because the village is a village cicomre traditional agricultural area ... try habituate village cicomre
I was born in cicomre, from family to family education of farmers is low, so even though I do not feel although I come from a family that is very simple and modest economic ... I intend fervent wish to continue to provide the best for the family, religion, homeland and nation. my children to 4 of 4 brothers, even if all the small family I not only higher education to primary school .dari to my brothers 4 the most fortunate, because only I can until the master of education. I give thanks and praise to God I say thanks to God and to my parents who have a lot of sacrifice for their children the best ... I'm not the parents did not want to send my sister, but the environment is not to establish a school ....
I wanted to build my beloved village tidk but I can live there because there are more important affairs of the family, and if I lived there I got a knowledge of higher education in the less developed ... because the facilities and infrastructure that does not support for economic development.


Nanang said...

Salam kenal :)

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